Eagle Scout Pin Collection
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Eagle Scout Pin Collection

Order of the O-hit-e-kah Pin:

The Order of the O-hit-e-kah was an Eagle Scout Association created by the Oakland Area Council and was one of the first in the nation. The Order was founded in 1922 at Camp Dimond in Oakland three years before the Knights of Dunamis (the San Francisco Eagle Scout Association) was founded. O-hit-e-kah was an Native American Sioux Indian word for a male that meant “Brave”.

The Order of O-hit-e-kah tribe was made up of Eagle scouts only. Members of the Oh-hit-e-kah Tribe gave Eagle Scouts an opportunity to show their leadership ability not only in the work of their respective troops, but also in the service which they are rendering at Scout Camp.

The Order had at least three known chapters. I have the first two chapter pins in my collection. I am missing the Bronx Council Order of the O-hit-e-kah Pin which was founded in 1929 and is the third chapter pin. The pin looks the same as pictured above, but will have a T 3 at the tips of the arrow.