Eagle Scout Pin Collection
   "Once An Eagle, Always An Eagle"
Eagle Scout Pin Collection

The Harmon Foundation Scholarship Pin:

This was a short lived program which provided $100 scholarships to a select group of 52 Eagle Scouts per year. The scholorships were presented from 1927-1931 before being discontinued. Four Eagle Scouts from each of the 13 regions of the Boy Scouts of America were selected for this honor. The honored Eagles were given a lapel pin and a certificate. There were only 260 pins ever made. Click Here to learn more about the Harmon Foundation Scholarship Award including the founder: William E. Harmon, the recipients of the award, and other associated documents.

To my knowledge, there are three different backings for the Harmon Pin. Below, you will find a picture from the book titled,"The Twentieth Century Edition of the History of the Eagle Scout Award", written by author, Terry Grove.  I have all three hallmarks pictured below. I have a couple of questions about these pins. If you know the answers to any of these questions, please let me know.

1. How many of each hallmark were created?
2. Which year did the hallmarks change styles?