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   "Once An Eagle, Always An Eagle"
Eagle Scout Pin Collection

Knights of Dunamis:

Founded in San Francisco, California on April 19, 1925 by Scout Executive Raymond O. Hanson. It was an organization for Eagle Scouts that was devoted to service. Ten Eagle Scouts formed the original chapter during the organizational meeting that night.

The word "Dunamis" (pronounced Doo'-na-mis) is derived from the Greek word meaning power. "Knights" came from the tradition of chivalrous service begun in medieval times as in Knights of the Round Table.

The official emblem consisted of an Eagle, sword and shield. The Eagle symbolized service, the sword represented the power of leadership through service and the three sided shield signified the three parts of the Scout Oath; Duty to God & Country, Duty to Others and Duty to Self.

I believe there were three manufactures to the pins over the years: Granat, Balfaur, and Crest Craft. There are several different variations to these pins. If you have any Knights of Dunamis Pins, please contact me.

There are a few Knights of Dunamis pins missing from my collection. I am looking for the "Knight Eagle Award" pin that was created in 1927. It was the society emblem and had added a special wreath of eagle feathers around it. I am also missing the "Past Commander's" Pin and Charm. It has a diamond in the center of the chest and is missing the wreath. Please contact me if you have any of these pins.

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