Eagle Scout Pin Collection
   "Once An Eagle, Always An Eagle"
Eagle Scout Pin Collection

Boy Scout Business Card Directory:

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This eBook is available exclusively on eJunkie and is a free downloadable PDF file. Many hours were spent sorting through a stack of about 500 business cards that we got during the project. After eliminating the ones that were out of date or for people not actively in the hobby, we managed to whittle it down to 170 dealers, collectors, and traders who gave permission to be included. The neat thing about the functionality of this eBook is that there are hyperlinks to each person's online presence whether that be on Facebook, as an eBay seller, or in some cases a hosted Word document with their needs list.

Creating this free eBook resulted in much higher phone bills for long distance calling and all the time spent on taking pictures of the cards and then organizing them in alphabetical order. If you would like to make a donation, we would greatly appreciate it.